A brand new vision for NFTs

Bankless DAO presents the Weekly NFT Showcase.

Culture takes on many forms, and it’s no different in crypto.

From bold apparel to mind bending NFTs, and so much in between, I believe we’re only scratching the surface for what is possible in perpetuating crypto culture to the masses. Do you feel the same?

On the coattails of an epic first merch drop, the Bankless DAO has continued firing on culture opportunities, and one such effort is rooted in NFTs, which are rooted in culture themselves.

As part of the Bankless DAO Weekly NFT Showcase, each week will feature a different artist from the community who has created their own digital art to be sold via the Bankless DAO Rarible. Last week's auction was a major success, bringing in a total of 2.9+ ETH via the auctions that took place by Crypto Bushi.

The power behind bankless culture

Bankless DAO is a decentralized community driving adoption and awareness of bankless money systems like Ethereum, Bitcoin and DeFi through media, culture, and education. Awareness and adoption of bankless money systems such as cryptocurrency can be driven by passions such as digital art, music and video games. Bankless DAO's mission is to help the world go bankless.

The Bankless DAO is actively signing agreements with artists who recognize themselves as sharing bankless values and have the desire to present their works together.

More info:

  • The theme of all of the NFT works that are featured will always be linked to Bankless's values and mission.

  • The sale and auction event will be held every Friday.

  • Detailed communications on the conditions of sale will be communicated before the event.

This week’s sale

This week, we are featuring a pixel animation artist and member of the DAO named Satoshis_Mom who will be putting up 3 pieces of digital art for sale, dedicated to the DAO and Ultra Sound Money.

We present to you, the Ultra Sound Series 🦇🔊

This series is dedicated to the Bankless mission – creating a #Bankless world, with ultra-sound money.

The auction will include Ultra Sound Ryan Sean Adams, Ultra Sound David Hoffman, and an Ultra Sound Bat.

The drop will work as follows:

  • There are 11 editions EACH of Ultra Sound Ryan Sean Adams, and Ultra Sound David Hoffman, for .11 ETH each.

  • If you are one of the 11 people to collect both Ultra Sound Ryan & Ultra Sound David, you will earn a FREE airdrop from the Bankless DAO, containing a rare Ultra Sound Bat 🦇🔊!

  • The floor for one of these bats is set at 1.11 ETH.

  • There are only 25 editions of the Ultra Sound Bat!

  • Sale opens on 6/18/21 at 2PM EST.

Check the Rarible now

About the artist

Satoshi's Mom is a pixel animation artist who enjoys creating different characters via 24x24 pixel art. He has built a following of over 5,000 people on Rarible and over 2,200 on Twitter in just 6 months in the NFT game. He works closely with many different generative projects and mentors artists in the NFT game on how to better brand themselves and their work.