🏝 Ultra Sound Summer Drop

The hottest gear to burn your ETH in 🔥

Another month, another absolutely 🔥 fire drop 🔥 from Bankless DAO and Metafactory.

And this one is a scorcher 🥵

Below are the details and links on how to cop.

🏝 Ultra Sound Summer Drop 🏝

From the designer G.O.A.T. himself, Mr. Sinjun Wesson is dropping another absolute banger of a design, just in time for EIP-1559 and that sweet ETH burn 🔥

The set’s got serious summertime vibes, with sporadic Ultra Sound Money thematics sprinkled throughout. The print is done on a super soft, great weight t-shirt that definitely passes the test (ifykyk).

Also the shorts are printed on PREMIUM SWIM TRUNKS!

Ultra sound pool party anyone???

Regarding the drop, here’s what Sinjun has to say:

“When I think of Ethereum, I think of an entire newly evolved ecosystem teeming with new possibilities and new life forms. Creatures like Cryptopunk apes, musical NFT trees, and Ultra Sound bats soar wild and free. Unlocked creativity on full display. A whole new land ripe for exploration and adventure. We are better because we explore. I hope this drop makes you gives you courage, power and protection in this new realm. I hope it makes you Ultrasound AF!”

Each piece in the set, the tees and the shorts, come separately, but you for sure need the whole set.

It totals $155.90 😉

Get your shorts and tee here:


Swim Trunks

Sale ends at 11:59PM PST on August 1st, 2021

But of course, there’s more 👀

We also collaborated with DAO member Perchy to create a GIANT jigsaw puzzle (27” x 30” and 1,000 pieces) of his legendary Bankless Nation Map artwork.

Yeah, we're dropping a freaking jigsaw puzzle.

I told y’all we were NOT coming to play around with the merch! You’re going to need this before it sells out, because you won’t see it again, at least not for retail price.

Also rumor has it that 0xLucas put a 1,000 BANK bounty for the first person to finish the puzzle. 👀

If you’re ready to put the pieces together, you can get your own here:

Perchy Puzzle

Sale ends at 11:59PM PST on August 1st, 2021

$ROBOT rebate

Don’t forget to include your ETH address at checkout.

ROBOT (MetaFactory) rewards are 42% back on your purchase value based on the average price of ROBOT over the 4 weeks prior. Distributions happen every 4-6 weeks and can be claimed at claim.metafactory.ai.

Final Note: On pricing and sustainability

First off, I’d like to make a quick comment about pricing for these drops.

I’ve heard you loud and clear regarding price points for the merch, and we’re working on making sure we have accessible prices moving forward for every drop.

In trying to set tones of different types with these drops, one aim is to frame our merch as scarce and valuable. Not even artificially, but for the purposes of sustainability and preserving value. Most of our items (all of our clothes) are made to order, and we don’t keep backstock. With usually about 100 or so shirts being sold, the value is high to match the scarcity.

Additionally, we’re doing everything we can to make sure our items are extremely high quality. We source samples for every item before we sell it. Our designs also have a premium (you see Sinjun’s work!!), and we want to represent them as such for our DAO members.

At the end of the day, just buy what you love! If you aren’t loving the drop, wait til next month, and we’ll have a fresh set of gear for you to check out.

Finally, we’re going to aim towards selling a very accessible (e.g. under $50) option(s) every drop moving forward.

Thank you!

We’re going to make sure these drops keep coming in hot as hell.

It’s important that crypto gets its own personality in the real world, and being a part of repping culture on your back, or on your coffee table, is all part of the mission.

Let’s keep perpetuating that GOOD culture all around together!

See you online.